Seamless, stress free service for clients

Established in 2019, Yolo Wealth provides financial planning for business owners and sole traders in the UK.

Working with business owner Angela James for over ten years, the strategic partnership developed between Yolo Wealth and Beansprout is the perfect example of how collaboration ensures our clients can access a complete solution.

“I completely trust the Beansprout team; we work together very well, and I know I can rely on them to support my clients with their accountancy and coaching needs. In return they can identify potential areas for financial investments which I can explore on behalf of their clients.”

Working collaboratively with other professionals provides a seamless, stress free process due to our established communication channels and ways of working.

“Taking care of my accounts, Beansprout are also educating me to use my financial data more effectively in terms of reporting and future planning. The Beansprout team are proactive and dedicated to developing great client relationships, ensuring they clients receive the best advice and service.”

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