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Community, Collaboration and Connection, that is how we grow.

Through The Catalyst we have created a place for ambitious and curious business owners to come together to learn, to spark change, to grow and innovate. This exclusive space will be a driving force for personal and business growth.

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You will receive access to…

Useful Guides

You have free lifetime access to our guides and blogs, packed with useful information that will help to elevate your business.

Live Learning

Held throughout the year on various topics, you will be invited to attend to learn more and to gain useful insights into all things business finance related and more.

Live Networking Events

Be the first to hear about our face to face meet ups and training sessions.

Entry in our Business Directory

If you agree, your details can appear in our business directory, available to our clients and professional partners only. We really want to encourage our clients to reach out and use each other where they can. Peer to peer support is available in a safe and friendly environment.

Monthly Newsletter

You will get a monthly newsletter delivered to your email address, packed with up-to-date information and tips.

Access to a client only Facebook group

A safe space to ask questions and seek support, Regular hints and tips will be available.

Loyalty Scheme

We know you will love the support and service you receive from us. We are so sure you will want to share your experience with your friends and colleagues that we offer a behavioural loyalty reward. Next time we come to review your annual subscription for our services, the more clients you have referred to us (and who are signed up with us) the more we can reduce your fee!

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